‘Roadmovie’    2016

audio-visual installation
3 video-channels
9 audio-channels
1hr15minutes  looped

VIDEO (documentation of the première in France)

VIDEO  (documentation of the presentation in museum ‘Geert Groote Huis’)

VIDEO (interview broadcasted by ‘France 3’)

“Road Movie” is an audiovisual installation consisting of three video-images projected on three different screens. Each of them shows scenes, filmed out of a car driving on local roads in the Auvergne. The car appears to be searching for one of the many historical religious statues, mostly crucifixes and virgins, which can be found in this area. As soon as a statue is spotted, it comes to a halt and the engine is subsequently turned off. At this point the camera focuses on the object in the centre of the image.
The work triggers overwhelming reversals in ones state of mind at the magic moments when fast movement suddenly comes to a halt and at the same time loud mechanical noise is instantly replaced by subtle ambient noise of the direct surroundings. In this ‘here and now’ everyday situation, the centuries old religious icon functions as an affective catalyst that helps the mind to connect to its direct surroundings and at the same time reflect on this connection.

The sound in this installation is crucial. When the cars are driving, it loudly comes from the wall on which the images are projected. As soon as the motors are switched off, the soft background noise is room-filling. This abrupt shift from loud local sound to subdued surround noise, creates a physical, almost sensuous experience. Like human breath, the driving and standstill sequences are alternated on a regular and rhythmic basis. We need them both to stay alive.      more text    French text

This project has been supported by:
‘Mondriaan Fund’ The Netherlands
‘Clermont Communaute’ France
‘Videoformes’ Clermont Ferrand


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