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‘Studium Chorale’    2013

a multi channel audio-installation
duration: 5 minutes

For 'Studium Chorale' Bogers co-operated with composer Hans Leenders and the profesional Limburg choir 'Studium Chorale'.
The spatial composition is an adaptation of Leenders' choral work 'Bretonse namiddag' (Breton afternoon). The work has been re-recorded in a special way: twelve separate recordings have been made of each of the twelve choir members. These recording are performed by the 20 loudspeakers placed into a circle. What the listener will hear - the full piece, or rather the individual contributions of some of the singers- will depend on his or her position with respect to the circle of speakers.
The work creates a unusual listening experience and encourages the listener to move around and explore the group process
that lies at the basis of every choir piece.

watch the video recorded at ‘Bunkier Sztuki’, Krakow  Poland