Some notes concerning ‘Exotic Exercise’:


·                 The work makes use of the (uncontrollable) need of any viewer to link image and sound, to look for meaning and to create connexions.


·                 The credibility of the used image- and sound combinations fluctuates continuously.


·                 The viewer is being seduced to look for (or create) short moments in which image and sound melt together. Poetical moments that are then being disturbed and interrupted because the means that  evoke this poetry are so visible and perceptual.


·                 Internet and satellite as consequence of a global world, constantly moving and inevitably without absolute truth. All views are disputable, changeable en can be influenced. The global world that gives us the ability to take distance and through that offers opportunities to develop a new portrayal of man and new poetry.


·                 Incomprehensibility and enchantment go hand in hand.

·                 The work operates on the edge of fiction and reality. This also applies to the images of the mouth that accurately follows the     songs or the spoken word. These images can be considered as the ultimate identification, comparable with children copying there idols in front of the mirror. In case of ‘Exotic Exercise’, the identification is directed to the gathered source-material: The beautiful and sometimes obscure exotic sounds and images that enter our homes through internet and satellite.