Force II
Vertikales Museum / Felix-Nussbaum-Haus, 05-1999/ 05-2000


In 1998 a new museum dedicated to the work of the painter Felix Nussbaum opened in Osnabrück. The Dutch video artist Peter Bogers was invited to develop an installation for a specific location inside the museum complex, referred to by the architect Daniel Liebeskind as the ’Vertical Museum’.

A video-screen, which is hanging close to the ceiling high above one's head, shows a clenched fist and the palm of a hand slowly rotating together. One after the other either the hand or the fist trembles. Just when the quivering changes from the hand to the fist or vice versa, a strong flashlight is triggered off and lights up the screen. The slight ticking sound of the flashlight is heavily amplified. An unknown symbol was created via simple image manipulation, juxtaposing the classic symbol of power (the fist) and the symbol of fragility and vulnerability (the opened hand).




Force II

B. Tschumi pavilion, Hereplein Groningen 1996


The Tschumi-pavilion in Groningen is a quite extraordinary small building standing in the centre of a crowded roundabout. It is mainly made out of glass and can be described as a glass box which is lifted off the ground on one side.

The image of ‘Force II’ was projected on two semi-transparent screens, placed inside the glass box on the outer edges. By analogy with the nature of the roundabout and the heavy traffic rotating there, the video-images rotate as well, in a very steady and slow way. No sound is used in this arrangement.