Peter Bogers, 1999

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·                  Vis Vitalis’ door Meta Knol (CM Utrecht)

The installation Play-rev-Play has three separate synchronised video-sources. A head, a hand and a foot, all belonging to the same person, are floating gently under water. On a regular basis, outbursts of movement and sound occur. These outbursts are related to the necessity to breathe; the body-parts are suddenly moving upwards. At the same time a hand appears covering or holding back the movement.
As soon as the head is above the water, all three pictures are frozen and subsequently played reverse very slowly. Although this process repeats itself endlessly, every time the body-parts start moving upwards, it appears to be a different recording (the recordings are invisibly put together by means of morphing techniques).
The sound consists of three separate (stereo) channels, each of them belonging to one of the pictures.

Later the work has been presented; projected directly on the ceiling or on three screens mounted directly únder the ceiling. All required equipment is placed into a rectangle area underneath the images.

Initially the images were projected on semi-transparent screens, which were hanged free in space. The spectator could walk in-between the different screens and watch them from different sides and angles.