‘Ritual 1’

Original version 1999


The heart of the work consists of the ticking sound an old-fashioned clock. In the exhibition-room twelve monitors are placed on the floor, into a circle, the picture tubes facing the centre. The monitors show short video-and audio-samples taken from television films and edited into a strong rhythm, based on the rhythm of the clock. Every second a short violent action takes place on the following monitor. Standing in the middle of the circled, one is tempted to slowly turn around, together with the sound. Now and then the sound produced by the monitors, fades away. The ticking of the clock remains audible at any time.








‘Ritual 2’

Original version 1999


On one of the walls a large video-projection is to be seen. It shows a black & white picture coming from three different surveillance cameras. One of the camera's is in the exhibition-room itself, the others are placed somewhere else in the building (for instance in the entrance-hall) The three different pictures are shown one after the other, each of them lasting ca 18 seconds. The cameras vibrate every second on the rhythm of the clock, by means of a mechanic device attached to them.
An old-fashioned table with two chairs is standing in front of the projection. On this table there is a small colour-monitor, with two headphones attached to it. People can sit down and watch the pictures with or without the sound.  What is to be seen is a constant rhythmic repetition of violent actions, slowly changing by means of cross-fades. Again the background projection moves in this rhythm, and thus all three parts of RITUAL 1 &2 (circle, projection and little monitor) are connected to each other.











Additional information:
Two independent parts: Ritual 1 and Ritual 2.
Ritual 1= Different elements
including the circle of monitors
Ritual 2= Different elements
without the circle of monitors




·                  Ritual 1 NEW VERSION (2006)


·                  VIDEO Ritual 1 & 2 (original version)

·                  VIDEO of Ritual2 (as shown in Amelisweerd 2002)


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·                  recensie Volkskrant 2002 (Dutch)


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